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Get more Referrals's smart sharing widget drives leads by giving existing customers the right incentives.

A light-weight & Powerful
SaaS Tool integrates like Google Analytics and let’s your business grow like Dropbox.

@recommend_to Love it! Thank you for making people talk about my business!

Lisa, Berlin

(Screenshot: Dashboard)

Free to start, immediate results Freemium model lets you begin growing your business and experience the power of trusted referrals.

Just signup, add the referral widget to your website and start seeing results.

I find this mechanism very useful. Spreading the word and growing my business was never easier.

David, San Francisco

(Screenshot: Integrated Referral Widget)

Big-Data driven plug and play functionality

People share for countless reasons. That’s why automatically determines the most effective strategy to increase sharing.

Who likes and who truly loves your brand? With you will know exactly what kind of person loves to share your content. Knowing more about your best customers directly informs your marketing strategy.

No hassle with transactions

Focus on your business not on paying bills. automates all important tasks from tracking referrals, rewarding you biggest fans to payout automation.

Your performance dashboard will give you insights on how your business is growing each day.

We never had the time to start an own referral program. Now I just did it with @recommend_to.

Rene, San Francisco

We Love Social Networks is optimizing the power of the crowd. Every recommendation will be based on trust and honesty. Happy customers become brand ambassadors and inspire others to become part of your tribe.

Awesome! Can´t believe @recommend_to is free of charge.

Sandra, Hamburg

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